Cold drinks sweat, why?

So it’s a warm or even hot day, and you’re thirsty and hot. Nothing satisfies like a nice cold glass of lemonade. A long cool drink, a rest and a few minutes later, the glass is coated with water drops and liquid is all around the base of the cup. You pick the glass up and your hand is wet. Why?

The first steps to understand are that the air always has tiny droplets of water vapor in it, and that warmer air can hold more water than colder air.

The cold liquid or in this case lemonade will cool the glass it’s in, which in turn will cool the air immediately around the glass. As that air near the glass cools, it can’t hold as much water vapor, so the water changes from its water-vapor gas state to its liquid form, which you see as water drops clinging to the glass. That process is called “condensation.”

There is no easy cure for the condensation. However, the easy solution is using Sleeve Right. Sleeve Right absorbs the moisture from condensation, insulates your hand from the cold drink, provides a sturdy grip on the cup and prevents the cup from slipping out of your hand.

Drink retailers will find this to be a huge asset as it reduces the need for napkins to soak up the condensate, provides a safer product for the consumer, is fully recyclable and does not use trees in its manufacture. Sleeve Right also reduces the amount of inventory needed for serving cold and hot beverages.
“Sleeve Right It’s the Right Choice”

Cold drinks sweat, why?

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