Sleeve Right Comes to Atlanta

February 6-8, 2015

Cobb Galleria Centre Convention Center

blog_coffeefest_seattle_largeAtlanta’s Deep South tradition of cold drinks on a hot afternoon makes for a wonderful way to cool down. Accompanying an ice-cold cup of any delicious drink is condensation. Condensate collects on hands, tables, furniture, in cars, and on clothing. Prevent all that and come to booth 224 at the Cobb Galleria Centre for the Coffee Fest. See why Sleeve Right is a complement to an ice-cold cup or even a hot cup.

Sleeve Right is one of the newest products and latest inventions to replace the old cardboard beverage sleeve. Different from conventional cardboard sleeves, Sleeve Right is made to grip the cup so that the sleeve does not slide off. Sleeve Right shields your hands from excessive heat, cold and even better absorbs the moisture from icy condensate. Best of all, it actually works and can be sampled and used right on the spot at Coffee Fest.

Sleeve Right is a newly patented technology that is sure to replace the tree cutting cardboard sleeve. Sleeve Right is a fully recyclable product and may be re-used many times. Come by and see us at Coffee Fest to see the difference for yourself!

Sleeve Right Comes to Atlanta

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