Sleeve Right Comes To Vegas


January 10-14, 2016 at Mandalay Bay

Is it true that what happens in Las Vegas stays in Las Vegas? Well let’s hope not, as we are displaying Sleeve Right as a promotional product at the PPAI Expo 2016. The Promotional Products Association International has been doing shows for many years. This show in Las Vegas promises to be one of the largest ever.

Sleeve Right is new and different and provides new and exciting promotional opportunities as a product. In the past cardboard cup sleeves have been barley a one-time use product and usually tossed away as soon as the beverage is gone. Most of the cardboard sleeves fall off the cups and really provide no protection for the hand. There has been no real cold cup sleeve available for the many drinkers of frappachinos and other cold beverages. Condensate usually turns the cardboard sleeves to mush and napkins stick to the cup making another mess. Sleeve Right absorbs the moisture and protects the hand from wet, cold and heat. There is NO other cold cup sleeve that actually works.

Sleeve Right is reusable, compact and very comfortable to the hand. Most clients will toss out the cup and save the Sleeve Right sleeve for another use.

This is important as your message will stay with the client time after time and remain in the car, on the desk or in the house. Sleeve Right will last for many uses.

The environment and your clients will be happy also as Sleeve Right may be recycled. There are no trees used in the production of Sleeve Right. Sleeve Right actually works and can be sampled and used right on the spot at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center.

Come by and see us in booth 4679 and take home a free sample of “Sleeve Right, it’s the right choice”.

Sleeve Right Comes To Vegas

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