Sleeve Right Comes To Vegas


January 10-14, 2016 at Mandalay Bay

Is it true that what happens in Las Vegas stays in Las Vegas? Well let’s hope not, as we are displaying Sleeve Right as a promotional product at the PPAI Expo 2016. The Promotional Products Association International has been doing shows for many years. This show in Las Vegas promises to be one of the largest ever.

Sleeve Right is new and different and provides new and exciting promotional opportunities as a product. In the past cardboard cup sleeves have been barley a one-time use product and usually tossed away as soon as the beverage is gone. Most of the cardboard sleeves fall off the cups and really provide no protection for the hand. There has been no real cold cup sleeve available for the many drinkers of frappachinos and other cold beverages. Condensate usually turns the cardboard sleeves to mush and napkins stick to the cup making another mess. Sleeve Right absorbs the moisture and protects the hand from wet, cold and heat. There is NO other cold cup sleeve that actually works.

Sleeve Right is reusable, compact and very comfortable to the hand. Most clients will toss out the cup and save the Sleeve Right sleeve for another use.

This is important as your message will stay with the client time after time and remain in the car, on the desk or in the house. Sleeve Right will last for many uses.

The environment and your clients will be happy also as Sleeve Right may be recycled. There are no trees used in the production of Sleeve Right. Sleeve Right actually works and can be sampled and used right on the spot at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center.

Come by and see us in booth 4679 and take home a free sample of “Sleeve Right, it’s the right choice”.

Sleeve Right Comes To Vegas

Cold drinks sweat, why?

So it’s a warm or even hot day, and you’re thirsty and hot. Nothing satisfies like a nice cold glass of lemonade. A long cool drink, a rest and a few minutes later, the glass is coated with water drops and liquid is all around the base of the cup. You pick the glass up and your hand is wet. Why?

The first steps to understand are that the air always has tiny droplets of water vapor in it, and that warmer air can hold more water than colder air.

The cold liquid or in this case lemonade will cool the glass it’s in, which in turn will cool the air immediately around the glass. As that air near the glass cools, it can’t hold as much water vapor, so the water changes from its water-vapor gas state to its liquid form, which you see as water drops clinging to the glass. That process is called “condensation.”

There is no easy cure for the condensation. However, the easy solution is using Sleeve Right. Sleeve Right absorbs the moisture from condensation, insulates your hand from the cold drink, provides a sturdy grip on the cup and prevents the cup from slipping out of your hand.

Drink retailers will find this to be a huge asset as it reduces the need for napkins to soak up the condensate, provides a safer product for the consumer, is fully recyclable and does not use trees in its manufacture. Sleeve Right also reduces the amount of inventory needed for serving cold and hot beverages.
“Sleeve Right It’s the Right Choice”

Cold drinks sweat, why?

A Paper Coffee Cup with a Cardboard Sleeve

Coffee cup sleeves, also known as coffee sleeves, coffee clutches, coffee cozies, hot cup jackets, paper zarfs, card-zarfs and cup holders, are roughly cylindrical sleeves that fit tightly over handle-less paper coffee cups to help insulate the drinker’s hands from hot coffee.

Coffee sleeves are typically made of textured paperboard, but can be found made of other materials. Coffee sleeves allow coffee houses, fast food restaurants, and other vendors to avoid double-cupping, the practice of using two (or more) nested paper cups for a single hot beverage. Some paper cup holders carry advertisements.

The cardboard coffee sleeve was invented and patented by Jay Sorensen in 1993 (under the trademarked name Java Jacket), and are now commonly utilized by coffee houses and other vendors that sell hot beverages dispensed in disposable paper cups. There are a number of patents that cover various coffee sleeves and their aspects. Other people have claimed to invent the coffee sleeve.

There are a number of companies that manufacture coffee sleeves; the top five companies by volume of coffee sleeves sold in the U.S. are, in no particular order, International Paper, BriteVision, LBP Manufacturing, Java Jacket and Labansat & Schulz Manufacturing.

Coffee sleeves should not be confused with fixed cup holders.

Sleeve Right has improved the standard sleeve and made a product that actually provides insulation to the hand from HOT and COLD drinks. Sleeve Right absorbs moisture from the COLD cup and protects the hand from HOT and COLD beverages.

Sleeve Right also grips the cup, provides positive traction for the hand and will not slip off the cup. The material is fully recyclable, does not use cut down trees for material and is reusable. “ Sleeve Right, it’s the right choice”.

Excerpts from Wikipedia with some editing.

A Paper Coffee Cup with a Cardboard Sleeve

Sleeve Right Debuts at Coffee Fest

Portland Convention Center:

Coffee Fest exhibitor’s hall opens and throngs. Enter to view new products and sample the latest in coffee house beverages. Among the newest products and latest inventions is the Sleeve Right beverage sleeve.

Different from conventional cardboard sleeves, Sleeve Right is made to grip the cup, provide insulation to the hand and absorb moisture from condensate. Sleeve Right actually works and proved it time after time to the many attendee’s whom took samples at Coffee Fest.

Sleeve Right is a newly patented technology that is sure to replace the tree cutting cardboard sleeve and is a fully recyclable product that may be re-used many times.

Sleeve Right Debuts at Coffee Fest

Sleeve Right Comes to Atlanta

February 6-8, 2015

Cobb Galleria Centre Convention Center

blog_coffeefest_seattle_largeAtlanta’s Deep South tradition of cold drinks on a hot afternoon makes for a wonderful way to cool down. Accompanying an ice-cold cup of any delicious drink is condensation. Condensate collects on hands, tables, furniture, in cars, and on clothing. Prevent all that and come to booth 224 at the Cobb Galleria Centre for the Coffee Fest. See why Sleeve Right is a complement to an ice-cold cup or even a hot cup.

Sleeve Right is one of the newest products and latest inventions to replace the old cardboard beverage sleeve. Different from conventional cardboard sleeves, Sleeve Right is made to grip the cup so that the sleeve does not slide off. Sleeve Right shields your hands from excessive heat, cold and even better absorbs the moisture from icy condensate. Best of all, it actually works and can be sampled and used right on the spot at Coffee Fest.

Sleeve Right is a newly patented technology that is sure to replace the tree cutting cardboard sleeve. Sleeve Right is a fully recyclable product and may be re-used many times. Come by and see us at Coffee Fest to see the difference for yourself!

Sleeve Right Comes to Atlanta

Green Living

May 7, 2015

In an article posted a few years ago by Green Living, (see below), the claim was made to save 100K Tree’s by using a different sleeve. It seems the EarthSleeve never made it. How about using Sleeve Right? Sleeve Right uses NO cardboard or tree products. Really save a tree and use Sleeve Right. It’s fully recyclable, reusable and WORKS!120px-Recycle001.svg
Practice what you preach, use Sleeve Right!

JULY 23, 2012

In its continued quest to reduce the environmental impact of its caffeine-infused empire, Starbucks Coffee Company recently announced the launch of a new compostable hot-cup sleeve that uses less raw material and is easier to transport. According to the company’s recent release, the EarthSleeve uses 34 percent less raw fiber and is made up of 85 percent post-consumer content, an increase of 25 percent compared to previous sleeves.

In 2011, Starbucks customers in the U.S. briefly used and then discarded almost 3 billion hot drink cup sleeves. Of course, this problem would be eliminated by more people using ceramic coffee cups when staying in house, or bringing their own reusable coffee cups, but that’s probably a moot point. Since the company refuses to encourage the use of reusable drink ware, we’re glad they’re at least attempting to reduce waste.

Manufactured for Starbucks right here in the USA, the company says the EarthSleeve also allows for a case cube and truckload yield improvement of 15 percent, reducing the overall environmental impact of the transportation of the sleeves.

The company also boasts that the EarthSleeve has been deemed fully compostable by both ASTM and Cedar Grove requirements, and has recently been approved for repulpability by Western Michigan University. Of course, all cardboard can be added to your compost pile, but sometimes adhesives used on hot cup sleeves make it a bad idea. Altogether, Starbucks claims that if put into regular circulation, the EarthSleeve could save nearly 100,000 trees, although it’s not clear if that’s a day, a year, or total.”

Green Living

Value to my Customer

By Good Businessperson

As a good business person I wanted to open a business that would make a profit by providing a product and service that would make my customers return time after time.

I invested in a great business location.  I hired a qualified architect to layout the store.  I purchased good equipment and fixtures to make the store work well and be comfortable for my customers and employees.  I installed a sound system, air system, water filtration system and purchased quality products.  I purchased expensive cups with my logo and even had napkins and plates logoed so that my customers would know that I cared.  All of this worked until the hot beverages were too hot for my expensive cups.  He cold cups were too cold and dripped moisture all over the counters, tables, customers and floors.  The solution was a plain brown cardboard sleeve that would provide some insulation for my customer’s hand.  But the four-cent sleeve covered my beautiful cup logo.  The cardboard sleeve fell off the cups and worse yet really did not provide that much heat protection.  The cardboard cup sleeve absorbed some moisture but then turned to mush in my customer’s hand.  The feel of the sleeve was harsh and stiff; there was no comfort or feeling of value to cardboard sleeve.  Yet I continued to buy the cardboard sleeve and demonstrate to my customers that I was trying.  I even double cupped the really hot drinks, provided better napkins for the cold drinks and hoped that my customers would not notice that the cardboard sleeve was not working.

Finally it happened, a customer dropped a hot cup all over themselves and the store.  The cardboard cup sleeve slipped off and the customer tried to catch it dropping the entire hot beverage.  I knew that it was time to look for something better in a cup sleeve.

Finding Sleeve Right cup sleeve was perfect.   SleeveRight cup sleeves provided the answer and the solution to the problems I was facing.  The SleeveRight cup sleeve fit the cup just right.  The non-woven material with a cotton liner gripped the cup and secured the cup to the sleeve.  Sleeve Right cup sleeve did a great job of insulating the hand from the cup.  The cold drinks stayed colder longer and the hot drinks stayed hotter longer.  My hand gripped the comfortable SleeveRight cup sleeve and felt comfortable.  The Sleeve Right cup sleeve felt like a really great shirt that fit so well.  I was amazed that Sleeve Right could imprint my logo on the cup sleeves thereby saving me the costs of expensive logoed cups.  Not only did I have to print and pay for the expensive custom printed cups but I also had to store them in bulk.  Now with Sleeve Right cup sleeves I could order small boxes of Sleeve Right cup sleeves in bulk that took less storage room.  The I could save money and buy standard cups from my local supplier, as I needed them, no storage.  Guess what else?  My napkin cost dropped, as I no longer needed to supply four to six napkins for each cold drink.  Sleeve Right was a solution and effective tool in managing costs.

But the best benefit was that I provided a value to my customers.  Now when I served them their beverage, their first touch of the cup is comfortable.  My customers could enjoy their beverage knowing that they had received a value in the product, service and presentation.  All my hard work on this business was now complete, as I had provided the right presentation of my products.  Thank you Sleeve Right it was the right choice.

Value to my Customer